What To Do If Your Cat Doesn’t Like To Snuggle

If your Cat Doesn't Like To Snuggle you need to gain her trust before tryong to force her love.

Cat people are the most loving people on the planet – in my opinion. We love to Love and we are compassionate, affectionate humans. We like to hold and cuddle our kitties to show them how much we love them – but what if your cat doesn’t like to snuggle and rejects that love? Well, here are some tips that have helped us turn our standoffish cat into a sweet snuggle bug.

Tips For Cats That Don’t Like To Snuggle

  • A cat’s window of opportunity for socialization – and being comfortable with new experiences – is between the ages of 2-14 weeks of age. If you’re lucky enough to adopt your feline friend so young, this is the time to snuggle the heck out of them. Getting them used to the human touch and love at this age will help them to trust people. If your kitty wasn’t socialized at this age, they’ll be less likely to be super affectionate. There’s always an exception to the rule, but this is the case most of the time.
  • If your cat doesn’t like to snuggle, forcing him to do so can actually make him lose your trust. Can you imagine what it would feel like if you don’t want to be touched and someone is all up in your bubble space? That’s how some cats feel when they’re forced into affection. Don’t make your kitties do things they don’t want to. Instead, talk to them sweetly, feed them kindly and let them know that you’re here for snuggles if and when they want it. Our cats specifically like to cuddle when we are laying on the couch. We know that Pooh Bear (our standoffish kitty) will jump up and lay near us when we get comfortable in the living room, so sometimes we lay on the couch specifically for this!
  • Be patient with your cat. Some cats will take more time than others to build trust. For Pooh Bear, it took years until he allowed us to pick him up (necessary sometimes), but he came near for belly rubs within a few months of us respecting his space and pace. Give yourself time to gain their trust by letting them know you can see the world from their perspective. And let them know you’re here when they’re ready.

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