One of our least favorite tasks as a cat parent is clipping nails. Cats don’t usually enjoy having someone squeeze their paws and mess with their claws – but it should be done nevertheless. If you need to clip your cat’s nails, here are a few tips that can help make the process easier.

The Best Time To Clip Your Cat’s Nails

If you watched the video above, you’ll see that we recommend waiting until your kitty is sleepy to trim his nails. Our cat in this video does not like his paws touched, but we’ve been doing this since he was young… so he’s not as combative anymore. That being said, we still only attempt to clip his nails when he’s being super lazy. It just makes it easier.

If your cat isn’t accustomed to you touching his paws, he may jerk and run at first – even if sleeping. Don’t startle your cat by surprising him with nail trimmers for the first time while he’s snoozing. Instead, take this time to calmly approach and massage his paws while he’s sleeping or being lazy. Start doing this regularly so they get used to this pawsome practice.

Once they’re used to you giving them a free paw massage while laying around, start gently squeezing the paw pad and check out those claws. Next, it’s time to devise your plan on how you will best clip the nails.

When you’re ready to start claw clipping, just be sure not to clip them too short. All that’s really needed is a ‘tip clip’, if you will. Less is more when you’re first starting out. Just get the hang of it. If you do cut them too short, apply Oxy-Cat to the wound for fast healing and relief of pain.

Keep up with this practice weekly or bi-weekly until you find the purrfect clip. Remember to stay calm and make this a part of your routine. Your cat and your vet will thank you. 🙂


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