Have you ever tried to clip your cat’s nails and thought you’d surely die? Most cats don’t like to be confined, so holding them down and playing with their paws isn’t a lovely experience for them. However, we’ve found a way that can make the clipping more enjoyable for you and your cat!

Trimming your cat’s nails is important, albeit not always possible for some kitties. If you start trimming the claws as kittens it really helps because they get used to it. Check those nails, however, because if they aren’t properly groomed the nail can curl and grow back into the paw pad. This is super painful for cats and can require surgical removal. Don’t just assume that your cat’s nails are fine. Check and trim them every few weeks if possible.

Don’t think it’s possible? Well, check this out. Our 17 year old kitty, Oliver Twist, hasn’t been trained to have his nails trimmed yet in the video below you’ll see how easy it is! All you need is one other person and the nail trimming will be done super quick!

How To Trim Your Kitty’s Nails

  1. Take your cat, lay them on their back with your thumbs hooked under their arms and massage their neck and underneath their chin. This is best done on a bed, couch or soft and comfortable area for your kitty.
  2. This position is called the “kitty coma” and they automatically raise their paws in the air.
  3. While massaging your cat have a second person gently push out the nails from the paws and clip the tips.

That’s seriously it guys! We first learned this technique at the vets office with our kittens. The vet tech told us that it really only works with kittens, but we were anxious to see if it works with our older kitties too… and it does!


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