How To Keep Your Cat Out Of The Christmas Tree

How to Keep Your Cat Out Of The Christmas Tree using these simple, at home tricks

Are you trying to figure out how to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree this year? Welcome to the club. Here are some tricks we’ve found on keeping those cute little rascals from climbing the tree and chewing branches.

Tis the season! We put up our lovely Christmas trees and load them up with lights, ornaments and garland. They look so pretty, we just love to cozy up at night and turn on the lights and enjoy the ambience. So that is what we see, but what do our feline friends see? WOW, they just got me the best shiny, glowing, glistening and the greatest climbing toy EVER!!! It’s a kitty’s dream!

We have to understand, it just looks like an amazing jungle gym for them and so much fun to go explore and climb. It might be cute to see your cats in the tree but in some cases it can be very dangerous. For their own safety we really need to work on keeping them out of the tree.

Here are a few tips for keeping your cat out of the Christmas tree. You may need to try one or all of these for your kitties.

Try placing a cat tree next to the Christmas tree so they can still explore, but not have access to the Christmas tree from it.
Use orange peels (most cats don’t like the smell of citrus) and place them in or around the tree.  Or you can get some organic orange extract and mix it with water and spray the branches too. This is also helpful for our kittens that like to chew on the artificial branches.
You can also place aluminum foil around the base of the tree and you put some inside the tree too. This might not be the look you are going for, but hey if it works!

Our favorite way to keep the kitties out of the tree is to clicker train them with positive reinforcement. For every NO we say to our kitties, we need to replace it with a Yes. No to the Christmas tree, yes to the cat tree etc.

If you don’t mind your cats exploring your Christmas tree be sure to make it as safe as possible by not using tinsel, make sure the wires are not where they can get tangled up in them and only buy unbreakable ornaments.

This Christmas let’s enjoy our lovely Christmas trees and once that tree goes up be sure to take every step possible to keep your cats safe. Meowy Christmas!

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