When you find a fellow cat lover who has a beautifully unique way of expression, you can’t help but want more. This is how we feel about Teresa Harrison-Best “Te” – an unparalleled wordsmith and author. A proud member of The Cat Writers Association, Te writes some of the most entertaining cat poetry we’ve ever read. I’m sure you can imagine how excited we were when she sent this poem written for us. Please enjoy this short piece and check out Te’s book Catawall – Fluent in Feline.

A Poem Written For Us – The Two Crazy Cat Ladies

They’re zany, wacky and madcap, with hearts as big as the moon,
such a love for anything feline, just watch them lovingly croon.
Adrienne and Jae are assisted by their clowder of gorgeous, fine cats.
Each one has distinction and merit, they’re the finest of aristocrats.

Scotch is Senior Vice President, a tabby of nineteen great years,
Oliver Twist is the Finance Director and, for him, quite a fitting career.
He’s always vocal for luncheon and he makes his feeling quite known.
They call him warmly the “Twister, the computer is often his throne.

Mr Bittles takes care of ‘purrformance’, a stunning grey lad that is coy.
His purr has a sound that’s pneumatic, a delight for the girls to enjoy.
Pooh Bear is Treasurer and Mascot, a ginger lad of great note.
He isn’t to keen on the felines but on humans he’ll lovingly dote.

From the rainbow bridge comes dear Mama, their guardian angel supreme.
She keeps them all grounded, and focused, and is held in the highest esteem.
Despite her heart-rending departure, her memory continues to flow
they think she gives feline direction in all that they do and they show.

Each of the cats has been rescued, some with a story so sad.
They now live in feline utopia, the best home that they’ve ever had.
No longer abandoned or homeless, just cherished and pampered each day.
To slumber in sumptuous comfort and ruling the roost come what may.

Back to the Crazy Cat Ladies, a couple so bouncy and keen.
Their knowledge of cats is amazing, go to ‘YouTube’ and see them on screen.
With wine, felines and laughter, a match made in heaven they’d say,
go take a look at their antics, it’s the best sort of cat cabaret.

Teresa Harrison-Best




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