Cats are the most amazingly unique companion animals. Some kitties are very verbal in communicating with us while others use non-verbal communication. Have you ever wondered what the long, slow cat blink means?

The Long Slow Cat Blink – What Does It Mean?

Cats blink to keep their eyes lubricated, just like humans. It’s a natural instinct and helps keep dust and dirt out of their pupils. This, however, is usually a quick blink and isn’t a form of communication at all.

According to cat behavior expert, Jackson Galaxy, the long slow cat blink is a language of trust and love to humans. In the wild cats literally sleep with one eye opened so as to not be preyed upon by a predator. You likely won’t see a wild cat close her eyes for any extended period of time. She is always on alert and keenly aware of her surroundings. Possibly with a bit of anxiety as well.

Because of this, cats use their eyes to communicate friendly trust to each other. In a community of feral cats the long slow blink allows outside kitties to know they’re safe to join. It’s a signal to let the other cats know there’s no need for fighting and the cat can be trusted.

Take away the stress and a kitty will convey the same sentiment to her human as well. Has your cat ever looked directly at you and given you the long slow cat blink? This is what some call the “kitty kiss” or “kitty hug”. It’s her way of communicating that she trusts you and loves you.

The coolest thing is you communicate this same love to your cat. Try it sometime. When the moment comes and your feline looks your way, just give her a slow blink. Chances are she’ll return the affection with the long slow cat blink, which makes for a lovely and compassionate communication time.



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