Those of us with multiple cats know all about the time and effort we put into choosing the purrfect name for our feline friends. Yet over time, many of these carefully chosen names are soon forgotten – replaced by a name that truly fits the cuteness and personality of our new fur baby. We know this experience well… Meet Prince Bittlesworth.

We originally named this cutie pie Lil’ Bit because he was so very small when Adrienne found him curled up and crying under a pile of pallets behind her workplace in 2004. He was the tiniest kitten with a nasty scratch on his head – perhaps a lone survivor of a feral litter or maybe abandoned because he was such a runt. When Adrienne brought him home, we already had 4 cats and we lived in a 600 sq ft basement apartment. I wasn’t pleased that she was out finding more cats so I said that I would “find a good home for him.” Haha. Who was I kidding? I may be a little obsessive-compulsive about a clean apartment, but I was smitten. There was no way I could say goodbye after seeing his sweet little face nuzzle into my armpit when I held him.

So Lil’ Bit quickly became Mr. Bittles and was welcomed into our growing family. 🙂Prince-Bittlesworth-4

As Mr. Bittles started growing into a full blown cat, we realized that he was a full blown fur-ball! Our little dude was as fluffy and as scraggly as an untamed beard from Duck Dynasty. And his hair matted quicker than it grew. Even though he had no chance of winning ‘The Sexy Cat Award’, his strange looking big coat on his little body made him even more cute to us.

As the years went on, we would try to trim his coat in the summer to help keep the mats off of Mr. Bittles’ belly. Adrienne got a bright idea one year and decided to see if he would like a real haircut with electric clippers. Surprisingly, he loved it – and it really showed. He strutted his stuff, played all day (and most nights while we tried to sleep) and caused more mischief with his brothers than he ever did as a big furball.

Prince BittlesworthThis year we took the clippers to him in Springtime – and his name has evolved yet again… During the day, our cats love to be near me while I work from home – but not Mr. Bittles – not this year. With his new spring haircut he carries himself like royalty. He picks the fluffy pillow in the master bedroom and plops himself right in the middle. He sits straight up, looks around to ensure the paparazzi isn’t close by – and snuggles into his royal pillow. Now he’s Prince Bittlesworth. He definitely knows his worth. And he’s living up to the new name well.


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