Whoever coined the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” was sorely mistaken. When I read the story about an adorable puppy adopted by a mother cat & kittens, ‘my small heart grew three sizes that day.’

Bobby is a Chihuahua mix who lost his mother to a car accident at 2 days old. I can only imagine that kind of heartbreak – and the extra love and assistance little Bobby needed in order to survive.

“A puppy that young needs his mother,” said Ryan McTigue of Michigan Humane Society – the place that took Bobby in after being picked up by a local rescue.

They knew Bobby was going to need some sort of motherly care, so they introduced him to mama Gwen and her 5 kittens that were still nursing. Mother cats are amazing. Gwen immediately accepted Bobby into her clan as if he were one of her own. She fed him, loved him, groomed him and comforted him in his time of need. The other kittens did the same. They are the lucky ones who get to follow in mama’s footsteps. And now Bobby does too.

And I stand in awe. This story just goes to show that the soul of animals are much bigger than they get credit for. It also goes to show why cats are the best animals on the planet. I know many kind people who wouldn’t dare take in an orphaned child immediately after having their own – especially if they had 5 babies. But cats are different. They reach beyond ‘kind’ – their souls are selfless, amazing and they can really teach us humans a few valuable lessons.

If it doesn’t melt your heart, you’re worse than the Grinch. 😉 If the story makes you warm and fuzzy, let us know by commenting below.

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