Older cats are often neglected by potential adopters because of their age. Kittens and younger cats seem more vibrant – so many believe they would make a better pet. This isn’t always the case, however – and if you’ve ever thought to adopt a senior cat, we believe you’ll truly love what a rewarding experience it is.

There are many myths about older kitties that simply are not true. Because of these stereotypes, senior cats are being euthanized in shelters by the droves. Let’s help spread the word so potential adopters know they can save a life by adopting a senior cat today!

Debunking the myths about senior cats

  1. Myth: Senior cats are boring. Not true! Senior cats may exhibit less energy than kittens, but they are still a ton of mojo! Cats lay around because they’re bored… not boring. We can do so much to provide the outlets they need – like building a catio, plenty of toys and engaging in regular playtime with them. You’ll see that fun-filled kitten come out – promise!
  2. Myth: Older cats won’t live long. This is a big one. People think that cats only live to be 12-15 years of age – so adopting a 10 yr old will just bring heartache. While time is the one thing we all run out of at some point, cats can live MUCH longer than 12-15 years. We think it’s barely middle age! Cats who are fed a quality diet and given plenty of love and care can live well beyond 20 yrs of age – so adopting a kitty at age 10 is technically less than half his life! I don’t know why they label 10 year old cats as “senior” anyway.
  3. Myth: Senior cats have more health problems. Truth: All cats are susceptible to health issues. Older cats, just like younger kitties, can be helped to prevent illness through diet and supplementation. I would sure hate to be rejected by someone simply because I might get sick one day. We all get sick. Our bodies break down over time. This is not a valid reason to not adopt a senior cat.

Bottom line? Senior cats deserve love just like their younger counterparts. If you are considering adding a kitty to your home, please open your heart to the possibility of sharing your life and love with an adult cat.


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