Kitten season is among us and many cat-loving people are looking to adopt a cat into their homes. Maybe this is your first time inviting a feline friend into your life, or maybe you just need one or two more to make your home complete. Either way, if you’re wondering where you should be looking to adopt, this blog’s for you.

Adopting a cat can be so rewarding. My first big orange tabby, Frisco (he came with that name and it just fit) was from a shelter. I knew I wanted a cat and I had a short hair gray cat pictured in my head. I have always been drawn to gray cats, probably because when I was a child my first cat was gray. So I go into this small shelter and I’m looking in the cages. Frisco would rub on the front of the cage every time I walked past but I ignored him because he didn’t fit the picture in my head! The final time I walked past his cage, he LITERALLY reached out and grabbed my shirt and made eye contact with me…the rest is history. He was between 2 and 3 years of age and lived to be between 22 and 23 years of age. He was an amazing cat and I’m so glad he picked me!!

Are you thinking about adding a cat or kitten family member to your home? I urge you to think about adopting from a shelter or rescue group. Did you know that there are approximately 3.3 million cats that enter into US shelters each year! Think about that, that’s a LOT of cats with no homes.

It gets even sadder. Out of those 3.3 million cats, 530,000 are euthanized.

On the up side about 2.1 million of those cats are adopted.

The season when the rescues and shelters really fill up with cats and kittens is now. It’s kitten season. So if you are thinking I don’t want to rescue an older cat, believe me there are plenty of kitties out there too. I am personally drawn to the special needs and seniors but that’s just my heart. Young, old, special needs, male, female etc. they all need good homes.

If you are not sure where to start your search you can simply google local cat rescues and shelters. A lot of them let you take a peek at the cats on their websites before heading over.  Another great place to look is Doobert.

Your perfect kitten or cat is out there just waiting for you to rescue them, however I truly believe they rescue us.



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