If you’re looking to give your cat a CBD for kitties, this is the blog for you! A true CBD can offer many benefits to a feline’s health but you want to be sure you know what you’re getting into. CBD has become quite the fad, so there are several less than par products out there that call themselves “CBD“.

It’s such an under regulated industry that CBD is getting a bad name. Banks won’t allow the sale of CBD and social media mentioned will get suppressed. This is because many companies are making fake CBD products and deceiving or even harming consumers.

CBD Tips

To find a true CBD product, check with the source. A true CBD should be full spectrum, meaning it contains every piece of the plant needed to make the difference you’re looking for. There are many components to a quality CBD product and one of the ways consumers are deceived is when companies cut corners and only include a cheap portion of a non-organic plant… which basically does nothing.

An honest company will also have a Certificate of Analysis (or COA) on their website. This proves the efficacy of the product so you’re not being fooled into purchasing a phoney tincture. 3rd party testing is important, especially in an industry such as this one.

A good CBD for kitties will also not be best administered orally. If adding this to food, the CBD must travel all through the digestive tract before it can become available for use. The issue is that there’s very little left at that point, so you’d have to use a lot. Instead, apply the tincture to your cat’s inner ear or paw pads. These are bioavailable spots that will send the CBD to the blood stream for immediate results.

There are so many ailments that CBD can help our cats with, and it’s a wonderful and natural way to control pain as well. Just be sure that you understand the product and how it works before purchasing!





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