Tis’ the season for another year of holiday crazies and excitement! The holiday spirit has already arrive in our home and we want to share some tips for you this season. Since this year most of us will be home for the holidays, it’s important to think of our cats at Thanksgiving, so here’s some things to remember…

Tips for Cats At Thanksgiving

  1. Do treat your kitties to some delicious and healthy food this year. Studies show that feeding our cats fresh food (yes, that means the food that you eat) can help reduce the risk of disease, so why not share some of our food with the cats? Lean meat like turkey is great for cats and you can puree some pumpkin or sweet potato (no butter or sugar) to give them a little treat!
  2. Do not feed your cats the skin or fat of the meat. Cooked fat can lead to pancreatitis, so stick to the lean meat itself.
  3. Do not set up or display potentially dangerous decorations. Most of us spend Thanksgiving weekend decorating and preparing for the Christmas season, but beware of the décor you use. Many holiday plants, like poinsettias or the berries on holly & mistletoe, can be toxic to cats – so only use the fake versions or cat safe plants. If you plan to set up a real tree this year, please be cautious. The oils produced by these trees can be toxic to kitties and never use fertilizer or plant food because these can leak into the watering tray and potentially be very dangerous for your cats.
  4. Do spend some extra time engaging in play with your kitties on Thanksgiving this year. It’s 2020 and for many of us our cats have been our most common and faithful companion this year. Be sure they know how grateful you are to have had their company this year!



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