Warning: This is a true story about how Roundup killed one of our friend’s kitties a few weeks ago. We’re heartbroken by what happened and feel the need to share this story. Please share with your friends so that it may help save the life of other animals.

Jazzy was a beautiful indoor-outdoor kitty who enjoyed time in the garden and roaming around the 2+ acres of land her owners shared with her. Being an independent gal, she wasn’t a fan of being inside all the time. She loved being able to use her feline instincts to hunt prey for herself and her loving parents (even though they weren’t always impressed).

Jazzy was a part of the her human & animal family for over 6 years. She was a healthy and vibrant feline, full of life and love.

How Roundup killed my cat

How Roundup Killed Jazzy

One day she went to drink from the natural creek at the end of the property and suddenly started feeling ill. She made her way back to the house – where her parents quickly realized something was very wrong.

They immediately took her to the vet – where they were shocked by heartbreaking news. Jazzy was in severe kidney failure and needed to be put to sleep. A few hours later, Jazzy was gone. The shock and sadness was overwhelming. There was no warning, no indication that Jazzy had any prior kidney issues.  It was just so sudden… too sudden, in fact. So her family had tests run to see what happened.

The test results reveled that Jazzy had a toxic level of Roundup in her system. Roundup killed Jazzy.

Oblivious to the harm that Roundup can cause, the new neighbors at the top of the hill behind their home used Roundup to kill the weeds on their new property. When it didn’t work, they tried it again. They did this 4 times the week that Jazzy passed.

Rain washed the Roundup down the hill and into the creek where Jazzy liked to hang out and hydrate herself.

The neighbors didn’t mean to cause harm. It was lack of knowledge that created this horrific situation and the death of sweet Jazzy. This is why it’s so important to know better… so we can do better.

Many people simply don’t know what kind of damage over-the-counter chemicals can cause. Just because a product is sold, doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Please don’t use Roundup if there is even a slight chance that wildlife and our pets can be exposed. And please pass this along so that together we can all know better and do better.



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