Not everyone who is owned by a cat lives in a mansion. Some of us live in small apartments, or even are renting a bedroom with our kitties. If you want to still make your cat happy in small spaces, this blog is for you.

Just like us, cats need a little adventure. If we don’t mix things up for them from time to time, they can and will get bored or even depressed. Just imagine living indoors, having the same walls to look at everyday and nothing changes. It doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Sure we would all love to make our homes a beautiful cat haven. But let’s face it, not all of us have the funds or the space to make that happen.

Let’s go over ways to make your cat happy in small spaces.

Have you ever noticed that if you move a scratching post or cat tree to a different area in your home, it’s like Christmas morning for your cats? That old cat tree is all of a sudden this fun thing for your cats to explore! And all you did was change the location. What I’m trying to say is it doesn’t take much to make a fun living space for your cats.

Let’s talk about vertical spaces! Oh my gosh, cats LOVE vertical spaces! You can create vertical spaces very inexpensively. Just get some shelves from Ikea and just make sure they are securely hung. Arrange the shelves like stairs going up to a bigger shelf that you can put a mat or a bed on for them to snooze or just to lay up there and keep a birds eye view of their surroundings.

We all know, cats love to look out windows. On a nice day open up those windows (be sure your screens are secure) and let them enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors. They have very cool beds that can suction to windows for another great place for your cat to hang out and enjoy some sunshine!

Lastly if you get an Amazon order, don’t just get rid of that box! Throw it on the floor for your cats to explore and hide in. Once they lose interest just toss the box.

So no matter if you live in a mansion or a tiny studio apartment, with a little thought you can create a fun and exciting place for your cat to live his best life!


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