How To Help Feral Cats In The Winter

Here are some tips on how you can Help Feral Cats In The Winter months stay warm in their own environment.

There are so many kitties without the luxury of having a warm, loving home to rest their heads. Cat lovers everywhere seek ways to help feral cats in the winter months stay warm and we appreciate this greatly. When they say “it takes a village”, it’s the truth. We know that we can’t save them all, but if each of us contribute a little then we can certainly save many.

Many community cats are best cared for in the environment where they currently reside. While some adult feral kitties can be domesticated and all kittens should be (if possible), once they have been through the TNR process it’s humane to let them back into their communities. This is where they’re comfortable.

That being said, during the winter season these community cats will often suffer in the cold. Here is how you can help the feral cats stay warm in the winter…

  • Get a Rubbermaid container for the shelter. If you’re like us you may already have some of these in storage that you’re not using. Make sure they aren’t too big. 18 gallon totes are the best, according to Roughneck Homes for Cats. The size matters because it needs to hold in body heat. 2 cats in a 50 gallon container won’t do the trick.
  • Take a Styrofoam cooler that fits inside for insulation and stuff straw down the sides. Styrofoam is a great insulator and will hold in the heat and help keep the cold out. Straw is as well. Make sure it’s real straw.
  • Cut out a small hole for a door. Be sure not to make it too big because, again, we’re trying to hold in the heat. Cats can get into very small places, as you know, so just make it big enough for them to squeeze in.
  • Secure the Rubbermaid lid on top tightly and place the shelter in a safe spot in the community where the kitties live.
  • You can also throw in a clean towel or blanket for more comfort.
  • If there is a fence or wall, try and place the warm shelter against it facing out so the cats can keep an eye out for predators.

Thank you for caring for the feral kitties! It’s people like you that make this world a better place. If you have other suggestions on how to help the stray cats during winter, please leave a comment below!

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