Because of the pandemic, many veterinarians are finding themselves overwhelmed with appointments in America. It can take 3 months to get a vet appointment to have your cat checked out and this is very inconvenient for pet parents.

Have you had this problem lately? I have my favorite vet who I absolutely love but so do a LOT of her other customers. I called about a month ago to schedule a follow up appointment for my Maggie Mae and got an appointment but it’s not for another FIVE weeks! Yikes!

Now your vet might not be this far out for appointments but a lot of them are extremely busy. So what do we do? Have you heard about Telemedicine? Well guess what, it’s not just for humans. We can make a telemedicine vet appointment for our cats and dogs!

You can even find an integrative/holistic telemedicine vet to give more options on treating your cat’s issues more naturally.

To get the most out of your telemedicine appointment be sure to send any recent blood work or medical history beforehand. Also, brief medical history on your cat so the vet can go over it before your appointment. In addition, be sure to write down any questions you have so you are prepared to make the most of the appointment.

The pros to doing a telemedicine appointment is you can get a second opinion on any chronic issues your cat is having. You can obtain professional care from specialists outside your local area. It’s super convenient AND so less stressful on your cat!

The cons to doing a telemedicine visit is there is no way for the vet to do an actual physical on your cat, which is so important. Another downside is blood work cannot be done.

When should Telemedicine not be done? In the case of an emergency. If your cat is showing any signs of trauma or pain, please take him or her to the closest Emergency Vet.

Telemedicine appointments can be a lovely thing for our babies to get a second opinion or when dealing with chronic issues.  However, remember nothing takes the place of yearly or bi-yearly physical exams and bloodwork.



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