We chose our company name because our friends regularly called us crazy cat ladies. We’ve always been blessed to have at least 4 kitties in our home, and apparently that’s enough cats to be considered crazy.

Since then, however, we’ve met several people with well over 10 kitties in their homes. Some even have 30+ cats. This makes us feel like we definitely need more cats to fulfill the meaning behind the name Two Crazy Cat Ladies™. In our home, however, we limit the number of cats we care for to insure they have the longest and happiest lives possible.

Because there are so many homeless kitties out there, many of us want to save them all. I wish we could, but here’s the thing… 6 cats is how many we can currently responsibly care for. Many people think cats are easy pets that require little to no effort, but nothing could be further from the truth. With each animal you bring into home comes a big responsibility.

Here are some things you want to ask yourself if you’re considering bringing in another kitty.

  1. Can you afford food for them? A fed cat is always better than a starved cat, but we’re on a mission to build the longest living cat. This means that the food we feed them really matters. I wouldn’t feed my kids just potato chips and fries, so my cats will not eat food like that either. A fresh food diet for 6 cats isn’t always cheap.
  2. Are you able to take them to the veterinarian yearly for checkups? Annual vet visits are an important part of keeping your cat healthy, and as they age you’ll want to bring them into the vet more often.
  3. Does your schedule allow you to dedicate time each day to every cat for enrichment? Spending time with your kitties each day is also important for their mental health.

Sure, cats don’t need daily walks and they sleep a lot. However, it’s important to only bring in as many kitties as you can responsibly care for. For us this is currently 6, but we one day hope that number is over 10!



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