Do you ever wonder if cats have a receding hairline? Right above their eyes, before their ears, some cats are nearly bald! So what is this?

While cats don’t actually get a receding hairline (like your Uncle Larry), most all cats have thinning hair between their eyes and ears. This is called facial alopecia – but is not considered a ‘condition’ or a health issue.

Whenever we come across a fascinating cat fact, I love to find out why it’s so! Most everything about cats has a purpose – whiskers, tails, their crepuscular nature… But I’ve searched high and low for a purpose behind this little balding spot, and I’ve come up empty. No one seems to know why!

What’s clear is that facial alopecia is most noticeable on short-haired cats – especially black cats. It also seems that some breeds demonstrate this trait more than others – like Siamese and Burmese cats.

While sudden hair loss on cats is a cause for concern, facial alopecia is completely normal and not connected to underlying health issues. That said – if you notice any redness, itching, or irritation accompanying this little bald spot, you’ll want to have your little one checked out.

It’s thought that this particular area of fur thins out as a cat grows and ages. Because this area is also where cats have scent glands, it’s also theorized that this area losses some fur from rubbing their friendly pheromones around their space… and probably you with those sweet head boops.



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