It’s funny how we often overlook some of the most simple things with our kitties. Our cat’s skin is an important piece of their overall health and there are easy ways to keep the skin health of our cats in check at home. The cool part is that it doesn’t always require a bath!

Brushing our cats regularly helps keep their skin and coat healthy, and we do recommend this. However, consider brushing the hair backwards for a deeper detox effect.

Using a fine toothed brush or comb (a flea comb works great), simply brush your cat’s fur the opposite direction of how you normally brush them. Then brush it back so your kitty doesn’t look ratchet. 😉 The act of brushing the hair backwards releases toxins through the skin, removes dead skin cells and stimulates their lymphatic system. 

According to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, “The feline lymphatic system is a complex network of components that transport life-sustaining substances throughout a cat’s body and help prevent the circulation of harmful agents.

The hair follicles in your cat’s skin are an important piece of the body that’s often overlooked. By using this simple trick, we’re opening up those follicles and allowing the “harmful agents” to release.

And seriously, a flea comb is less than $2. You can also use a fancy brush, but it’s not necessary. The goal is to do this once or twice per week and watch as your cat seems a bit happier.

If you’ve ever used red light therapy or any other type of detoxifying agent, you understand how good it can feel to be released of toxins. Imagine how your cat’s skin feels when those dead skin cells are gone! I would imagine that this little trick will not only help your cat be healthier, but it will also make them feel lighter. 🙂



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