If need a cat tree cleaning trick, you’re in luck! If you’re like us, there’s a good chance you have a cat tree in your home that needs cleaning. The carpet on most cat trees is like a magnet for fur. We joke that we could make a whole cat from all that fur – if we could get it all off.

But that’s the issue.

Cat trees are notoriously difficult to clean. All the little carpeted crevices, nooks and crannies make it a monumental task. We’ve had most of our cat trees for many years – so you can imagine the amount of accumulation!

Sure – we try to vacuum up what we can. We have a little hand-vac we purchased just for cleaning cat trees. We’ve gone through all the attachments to clean the tight spots. The little brush attachment seemed promising – but all the fur just got stuck to the brush and never got sucked up.

The slanted attachment seem a perfect fit for cleaning the cat tree’s corners. Nope. Maybe if the vacuum had a jet engine it would have the power to suck up the fur – but that attachment was also a dud.

A friend of ours figured out that if she got her hand wet, she could rub most of the fur off the cat tree. Helpful information. However, there are few things grosser than a hand covered in wet hair in my opinion.

Cat Tree Cleaning Tip:

This trick is so simple, I’m embarrassed it took more than 20 years to discover.

Take a wire slicker brush – you know, the one you’ve likely used for years to brush your cats – and brush down your cat tree. In 5 minutes (ten minutes tops if you have a big tree) it will look and feel brand new.

Yup. That’s it. You’re welcome. 😻


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