Do your cats stay home alone when you go on a trip? Many people think it’s okay to just fill some bowls with food and water and head out the door. Well, I’m here to tell you this isn’t a good idea. If you are heading out of town and are thinking of leaving cats at home alone, please think again.

Did you know that cats get lonely? And that switching up their routine can be stressful? Did you know that your cats miss you when you are away? And that medical issues – like a urinary blockage – are a life threatening emergency within 24 hours?

These are just a few reasons not to leave your beloved kitty alone when you head out of town. However, you can leave and have peace of mind with just a little bit of planning.

First, look into hiring a pet sitter. This can be a close friend or relative that loves your kitties as much as you do. Or you can hire a professional pet sitter that is insured and bonded. A great place to find one is here: Pet Sitters International. We recommend having someone come in at the very least once a day – but ideally 2 or more times a day is even better!

Prepping for your absence is so important. Here are a few essentials to leave for your pet sitter:

  • Emergency contact information.
  • Vet’s Information
  • Your Cats Routine
  • Fun toys so your pet sitter can play with your cats
  • Detailed meal time instructions
  • List of medications and how often they are given
  • Litter box cleaning instructions
  • Cleaning supplies, just in case!

Also, be sure to leave some fun stuff for your cats to entertain themselves. Maybe some new toys or moving their cat tree to a new spot – and leave a t-shirt you slept in so they can be comforted by your scent. Be sure to tell your pet sitter you want the blinds open during the day so the cats can enjoy looking at the outdoors. Also have the pet sitter leave a light on at night.

One last thing, if your cat has anxiety when you leave the house you might want to consider giving him or her a calming aid while you are away – like our Cat Calm. It’s an all natural calming aid that is just enough to take the edge off without sedating them.

So when you are planning a trip, feel confident your sweet babies will be well taken care of while you are away by doing a little bit of planning.


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