When you are a first time mom to a little one you want to take every precaution to ensure your child’s health. If you turn to the internet for advice, you may find myths that worry you. Unfortunately many read these myths and immediately try and rehome their cats, but are cats dangerous to pregnant women really?

A couple common myths about cats and pregnant women are still believed by many, so today we will debunk those myths for you.

Myths Around Cats Being Dangerous To Pregnant Women

  1. Cats can suffocate infants by sucking the breath out of them. The belief is that cats are attracted to the smell of milk on an infants breath and will suck the air from the baby. There is absolutely no cases in which a cat has suffocated an infant in this manner. Additionally, there is no evidence that cats are even attracted to baby’s breath. Doctors will often advise to keep cats out of the nursery where your baby sleeps because sometimes your cat is bigger than your baby and kitties like to snuggle warm bodies. Don’t believe the myth that your cat could kill your baby via suffocation.
  2. Cats can give pregnant women toxoplasmosis. While there is a little merit to this myth, don’t go and rehome your cat out of fear. For those of us with indoor kitties, it’s not likely that your cat is carrying the parasite anyway. The only way indoor cats are exposed to the toxoplasma gondii parasite is through infected rodents in your home. Then the cats can shed it in their feces. To be on the safe side, take precaution when scooping the litter (or have your significant other do it for you!). Personally, if I were  pregnant I’d worry more about the rodents than the cats. This parasite is more often spread through handling raw meat, so also take safety measures in the kitchen. Let your kitties enjoy their new sibling!

So don’t be scared… just be safe and enjoy this new life!



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