This week is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week and we’d like to encourage all of you beautiful cat lovers to take part. Did you rescue your kitty from a shelter? Do you know someone who works at a shelter? If you’ve ever been to a shelter you know that it’s the volunteers who keep them going. Let’s do what we can to support them and their efforts.

How To Help Animal Shelters

Many of us are doing our very best to just keep food on the table and in the bowls of our own cats, but there are ways in which even those of us with the least can help save shelter pets. Here are a few suggestions for you.

  1. Donate stuff you have. Recently we went through a closet we rarely open and realized that we have 2 cat beds and several blankets that we have no use for anymore. We also have some cat food that we stopped feeding when one of our kitties became allergic to fish. What can we do with all this? Take it down to our local shelter so they can make use of it! You may also have old sheets or towels in your linen closet that you no longer use and animal shelters can definitely use them! What may seem like trash to us could be treasure to homeless animals.
  2. Tithe with money. We grew up in religious homes where we were taught to give 10% of our earnings to charities. Each month we pick a different cause to donate to, even if it’s not a lot. If you do this as well, consider donating your fund to your local animal shelter. Call me crazy, but the more we give the more we receive and it feels darn good to know your helping animals!
  3. Volunteer. Say you’re a minimalist, have no extra supplies and no extra money to give. Well, there’s nothing greater than the gift of time! Find an extra hour or two in your week and volunteer to clean cages or play with the kitties. The feeling you get when you spend time making homeless animals feel loved is indescribable.



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