I think singing is healing. Whether or not you can carry a tune well – it just feels good to belt out your favorite song at times. This week Adrienne wanted to play a game called “What’s That Lyric” simply because I rarely get the words correct when I’m belting out my tunes…

It’s okay. You can poke fun at me. I would too. 😉

Aside from the What’s That Lyric game, we’ve had a really fun and excited week! My favorite moment of the week was when we attended an Art Gala on the strip in Las Vegas. I never get out of the house, so it was exciting for me to be able to congregate with friends in this environment (not to mention there was free booze and free food).

Adrienne’s favorite moment of the week was when her new niece was born! Noelle Jane. She’s a beautiful baby with a full head of hair. This is her 7th niece (she also has 5 nephews) – and #7 is lucky!

Fun Feline Facts of the Week:

This week I learned that cats get stuck in trees because they cannot climb down head first. This is due to the curve in their claws.

Adrienne’s fun feline fact is much more exciting: Did you know that cats are able to survive on salt water? They have these amazing kidneys that can process out the salt and use the water instead of dehydrating them like humans! I picture a heavenly deserted island with a clowder of kitties running around…

Cat Tip Of The Day:

We’re often too scared to ask our veterinarians or doctors about the drugs that they prescribe. I implore you to start asking questions. When your vet suggests a new medicine for your cat, simply ask “what are the potential side effects of this?” This isn’t questioning their practice and any good vet would be impressed that you care. There are way too many approved drugs on the market that can potentially cause serious side effects (even death) in cats. If you know what a drug can do to your kitty, you’re able to make a more informed decision. Don’t risk your babies’ life for fear of challenging the ‘authority’ of your animal practitioner.

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