So I just realized that we wrote this blog a couple months ago and never remembered to publish it! Enjoy, my friends. Enjoy. 

This week was way too much fun for us. I know that we’re silly, but we are overjoyed to get to share our silliness and craziness with all of you! So, for this episode, we interview ‘Justin Bieber‘…

To give you a little of the back-story on why this is so funny for us, Adrienne has had several instances where random people tell her she looks like Justin Bieber. She hates it. Not because he’s bad looking (and not because he’s so young – that part doesn’t bother her at all), but because he’s a BOY…haha! So this week we decided to run with it and interview Justin Beiber. For those of you who know us well, you will get a big kick out of this one. 🙂

Fun Feline Fact Of The Week:

Adrienne has learned that having a cat can reduce your risk of heart attack by one third. I totally believe that. My cats are probably why I haven’t croaked already.

I learned that the Europeans brought cats into the Americas in the 1750s for pest control. Although our cats are no good for pest control, I’m happy that Europe introduced us to these amazing creatures. 🙂

Favorite Moment Of The Week:

Adrienne enjoyed a backyard wine night with our neighbors this week, while Jae was stupendously excited about the launch of the new product, Flea-eX. Flea-eX is an all-natural topical flea and tick treatment for cats.

Which leads us to….

Cat Tip Of The Day:

Don’t forget to use your flea preventatives. Fleas can lead to quite a few other issues, likes worms and intestinal parasites, so you want to be sure to keep your kitty safe from those “pesky buggars”. However, using chemical based flea treatments, collars and preventatives can often cause harsh side-effects. And even if you can’t see the side-effects now, just think about what the long term effects are of leaking chemicals into your cats’ bodies time and time again.

So use a natural flea preventative like Flea-eX or any other chemical free flea product. Know your source. 🙂


Natural Flea Preventative


Flea-eX for Cats



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