For this week’s YouTube episode we had a “Join In” from Rhonda – the woman with the ‘M’ cats. 😉 She sent us a picture of her cats, Frankie and The Rescue, who both have an ‘M’ stamped on their foreheads. She asked if this was because they may be Maine Coon cats, but we think they’re just special. I mean, come on, do you have cats with ‘M’ on their head?

For our ‘fascinating fun feline fact’ of the week I learned that cats, despite their bad reputation at times, are actually North America’s #1 favorite pet! (pause for a round of applause)

Adrienne learned that people are often the cause of cat allergies. What that means is that cat allergies can be caused by our household items, cigarette smoke, dust and cheap litter. Makes perfect sense. I don’t, however, believe that cats can be allergic to humans. That doesn’t make sense. Haha.

My favorite moment of this week was when we did a backyard DIY project and spiced up the look of our oasis. If you lived here you would definitely want to partake in the festivities when we do DIY projects. They are too much fun in the Las Vegas sun. 🙂

Adrienne’s favorite moment was a baby shower. Does that mean she wants a baby? Lord I hope not (at least not now). We had a great time with a lot of friends and a lot of booze while we celebrated two of our good friends’ soon to be journey through fatherhood.

Cat Tip Of The Day:

Spend some extra time with your senior cats. While all cats need a steady routine, senior cats need even more. I wrote a blog: 5 Tips To Help Your Senior Cat last week and I truly believe that everyone with older cats should follow these 5 steps. In our experience it has helped our older cats live longer and happier in their later years.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s episode of Two Crazy Cat Ladies on YouTube! Please – follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and, well, you are checking out our website now – so thanks ya’ll!




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