It happened at a Miami college football game this week. This poor cat falls from stadium deck that was 20-30 feet up and was saved by fans who happened to have an American Flag due to the fact that it was September 11th.

It was hard to watch when the videos were sent to me. I held my breath each time, even after realizing that it had a happy ending and the kitty was okay. We posted the video to our Instagram account and one of our followers is actually the cousin of one of the heroes holding the flag to save the kitty.

Watch Cat Fall From Stadium Deck

Liam Sweeney was the cousin who assisted the save. He said, “The cat was stuck when I sat just before kickoff, however, it was only partially visible and I thought it was insulation stuffed between the banner that wraps around the stadium and the concrete of the upper deck. Very little of what we now know to be the cat was visible at that point and it was about 20-30 feet up.

About ten mins later gravity had pulled the cat about half way out from behind the banner. That’s when the couple next to me unhooked their American flag from the railing and we lifted it up above our heads (I have the #2 jersey on). My friend Ryan ran up to the third deck to try to reach down but the cat had fallen too far. The cat began flailing and peeing around the time the videos all start. It finally fell and went through the American flag (with such force it ripped the flag out of one of my hands). We absolutely slowed the momentum and deflected it toward the field slightly so it didn’t hit the railing in front of us. It then clipped another smaller flag that the students had set up below us.

We weren’t thrilled with the students reaction so my friend Giselle climbed the railing and took the cat from the student section to try to calm it. One report said the cat had a dislocated hip. All others said the cat was fine. We still do not know who ended up taking the cat, but I’m sure we’ll find that out in the coming days.

Does anyone know what happened to the kitty?

While we still don’t know where the cat went, another interview stated that the girl that took the cat had experience in animal care and was able to pop one of the kitty’s hips back into place. She said the cat became extremely scared and aggressive and ran away at that point.

The sweet kitty had a blue collar on, so I assume it has a home somewhere. We’re sending all of our pawsitive thoughts that he or she made it home safely.

I am grateful that there are still kind hearted people in this world that would ban together with complete strangers to save a cat. It helps put my faith back in humanity!



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