So here is the first episode of our ‘soon-to-be-famous’ YouTube show. 😉 Please watch and read below for more information…

Fun facts about the Two Crazy Cat Ladies:

Adrienne is actually a top-of-the-line violinist and has played hundreds of weddings and performed with several bands around the country. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow our blog and you will soon get the privilege of being able to watch her in action (even if I have to bust her in a practice session at home). I, however, have NO knowledge of astronomy but sometimes like to act like I do… thus the “fun fact” from Adrienne. 😉

Healthy Cat Tip of the Day:

Let me expound upon that. Cats cannot and do not process grains the same way that you or I – or even dogs – can. Their digestive systems don’t work in the same way, so giving a cat a grain based or ‘grainy’ diet is truly doing a dietary injustice to him. Cats who are fed such a diet will normally cough up hairballs often and will also usually have a shorter life span. Remember, health begins in the gut. Because the grains are indigestible, it clogs their digestive tract and the nutrients they DO need are often not processed through the body in a usable way. In short: a grain fed cat is an unhealthy cat.

That being said, we hope that you enjoy our weekly videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media (links are at the top of the page). Please join us in our endeavor to make every cat a healthy cat and spread the word that being a crazy cat lover is cool. We would love your support!







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