I saw a few articles online about weird things cat people do with (or because) of their cats and I thought it’d be something fun thing to share with you! Most of our blogs are informational, but it’s fun to add some levity at times.

It may be worth mentioning that there was a time we wouldn’t (openly) admit some of the below confessions… but we are no longer closet cat ladies! We proudly wear our name – and are on a mission to debunk the myth that cat people fit any crazy stereotype. Plus we don’t think this is weird stuff cat people do… we totally relate to most of them. Let us know if they mesh with you too!

Weird Things Cat People Do

1.Refer to yourself as “Mama or Daddy”.


When one of us is home and we hear the garage door opening we say, “Mama’s Hoooome!!!

2. Make up little songs and sing them to your cat.


We have a special song (that makes no sense and sounds funny) that we sing to Mr. Bittles all the time.

3. Only call your cat by their nicknames (usually several different ones).

So Guilty

The only time our cats are called by their given names is when they’re in trouble. 🙂

4. Ask one cat where the other cat is.


When one cat is hiding somewhere in the house, you’ll hear one of us say, “where is your brother?“. They usually aren’t much help.

5. Aren’t bothered by the feel of litter under your bare feet.

Not Guilty – Kind Of

Okay… I’m used to the feel of stepping on litter, but I still don’t like it. I try and vacuum as much as possible because I honestly can’t stand litter on the floor.

6. Love it when you and your cat go potty at the same time.


It’s just cute!!!

7. Made excuses to not go out so you could stay and cuddle with your cat.

Guilty – Kind Of

We’re pretty honest people, so we usually don’t have a problem saying, “I’m going to stay in with the cats tonight” if we don’t want to go out. That being said, when we were closet cat ladies we maybe did this… A lot.

8. Hold your pee because your cat is laying on you.

So Guilty

I often fear that I’ll get a UTI when I’m stuck with a cat in my lap when I have to pee. Yet… there I stay.

9. Let your cat take up more of the bed than you.


Mr. Twister (aka. Twist aka. Oliver Twist) will stretch out at the end of the bed and paralyze me from being able to move or feel comfortable sleeping.

10. Allow your cat to drink out of the same cup you do.

Guilty – Sometimes

Most of the time you’ll find me drinking coffee or wine – and I don’t share those with my cats. However, sometimes I like a glass of milk with dinner and our babies are welcome to share.

11. Try to convince people to look at your cat when they do something slightly unusual.


Adrienne is most guilty of this. I will be in the midst of something important and she’ll yell for me to come running in the room… simply because one of our cats is sleeping on his back.

12. Try to use your cat as a pillow, but not really because you don’t want to crush their lil’ bellies.


If my head wasn’t so darn heavy I would use them as pillows every night!

13. Say “bless you” when your cat sneezes.


I mean… our parents taught us how to be respectful. It’s obviously just the right thing to do.

14. Take TONS of pictures of your cat sleeping even though they all look the same.

So Guilty

Soon I will have to clear out hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of pictures from my phone because they’re all the same. LOL!

Please let us know which of these ‘weird’ things you do by commenting below!




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