Have you ever lost your cat in the house only to find him in a very odd place – asleep? I know I have. Most of our cats like to sleep in our bed at night and somewhere near us during the day. But this isn’t so with Mr. Bittles. He loves to find the smallest, strangest spots to sleep. I find it amazing that he actually FITS in these small spaces. Check out these pictures I found of cats that sleep in flowerpots and I’ll unveil the reasons why cats love small spaces.

cat sleeping in flowerpot

One of the reasons that cats find comfort in extra small spaces is because of instinct. They can hide from predators and feel safer in a flowerpot than on a large couch or bed. It feels good knowing that they have walls around them and can touch each of those walls with their bodies. It reminds me of when I was a child and loved to hide under my parents waterbed. It was a super small space and no one else fit in there – but I did!

cat in flowerpot

Another reason cats like to put themselves in small spaces is to retain body heat. Warmth is a comfort to us all. Think of how many times you’ve wrapped a blanket around yourself. Well flowerpots, boxes and other small spaces can act like a blanket to our precious feline friends!

Ever wonder how they are able to fit in such small places? Cats have flexible spines, allowing them to squeeze their bodies into pretty much anywhere. Their shoulders can even bend and twist – which is also how they can sneak out the crack in the back door of your house.

cat in flowerpot

Mr. Bittles asleep in the flowerpot

So whether it be a basket, a box, a drawer or a flowerpot – make sure that your cat has small spaces available to hide in. Cats are the best – And we want our furbabies to feel comforted and safe at all times, so allowing them to get a little dirt on the carpet from jumping out of the flowerpot is a small price to pay for their happiness.

Do you have pictures of your cats in small spaces? If so, comment below and share them with us!




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