CatConLA 2016 Recap

CatConLA Sexy Cat Ladies

So we are back from CatConLA – the Convention with Cattitude! The event went down at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles, CA this past weekend. We met so many amazing new friends and came home with so many cool cat-themed items. It was a CATastic weekend, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Thursday night we packed up our U-Haul trailer full of all our goods and giveaways and drove to L.A. with our super-trooper helper, Liz. On Friday we set up shop and got to mingle with so many cool cat people who were also showcasing their Pawesome products!

CatConLA Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Saturday is when the fun began. When we arrived (an hour before the show started) there was a line of people around the building waiting to get into CatConLA. As the day went on, the convention center became packed with cat lovers – to the point where the fire marshals arrived and had to slow down the crowds. It was crazy amazing and the people were so much fun!

Everywhere we looked there were people dressed like cats! This was THE space for cat lovers to express their ‘cattitude’ with no worry of discrimination.

CatConLA Cat Person

CatConLA Black Cat

We saw the coolest cat ears EVER! They even have a contraption that attaches to your head and you can wiggle the ears with your brain waves! No lie. It’s a real thing.

CatConLA Cat Ears

Most people think that only women love cats, but we saw plenty of pawsome cat dads too. This one took the time to turn his mustache into cat whiskers!

CatConLA Man Whiskers

All in all, CatConLA was the best experience that we’ve had, thus far, as the Two Crazy Cat Ladies. We enjoyed every moment of the journey and had fun meeting like-minded cat lovers. We also spoke with a ton of cat parents who care about the health and well-being of their furbabies and were able to offer advice and health products to help their kitties be healthier – which is our goal for every cat on the planet. 🙂

If you didn’t make it this year, follow CatConLA and don’t miss the opportunity in 2017!

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