Excuse me if I get too excited about this subject, but I LOVE to shop local for cat supplies. And you should know that I don’t like to shop… ever. Well, I take that back – I’m sometimes in the mood to grocery shop. But I wear hand-me-downs and am still sporting the same shoes I’ve had for over 10 years. And Christmas shopping? Gifts are purchased on my “buy with one click” option on Amazon.

When it comes to cat supplies, however, I get excited to go shopping for their food and supplements. Why, you ask? Because I shop at our local independent healthy pet boutiques. These stores are run by local residents who share our passion for pet health and are full of knowledge. If you’re ever in need of finding like-minded pet people – shop local for your cat supplies!

If our cats are rebelling against a certain type of food, have been diagnosed with an ailment of some sort or if we’re just looking to add more variety into their diet, our local pet boutique will guide us in the right direction and usually offer us samples too! You don’t get that kind of service at the big box stores.

Aside from the fact that these local pet boutiques are fun and informative, they also carry better quality cat foods. In fact, you won’t find the best cat foods on the market unless you shop local in this way. You see, the big box chain stores are profitable because they buy low and sell high. That means they are able to significantly increase the cost of a bag or can of food to make profits. Quality pet foods put their money into the ingredients, not marketing, which makes them a low profit margin for retailers.

When you shop local for cat supplies you’re contributing to your community and the health of your cats. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Want to know our secret on how we find the local healthy pet boutiques in our area? Click here and put in your zip code. You’ll be amazed at how many stores are near you. 🙂



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