Warning: This is a feel-good post.

“Do my cats love me?” This is a question that most of us cat parents wonder at some point. Some kitties are extra affectionate, while others just can’t be bothered. Of course we love them all equally (or should), but do they love us? And how do we know?

Let’s start this with a different question: Why do you love your cat?

Cats have been revered in many cultures for thousands of years. They’ve been worshipped as gods. Cats are cute, cuddly, intuitive, entertaining, independent and their purrs have been scientifically proven to heal humans. They can connect with us in ways that our fellow humans cannot.

If you’re a cat lover, you get it.

As I’m trying to type this post, our girl, Friday, is in my face purring and rubbing her body against me. She’s a lover. The ways in which she shows me her love is so clear that I never have to question it. However, not all of our cats love me in the same way. Jack William is more of a standoffish guy and even squirms away if I try to pet him on my time.

I emphasize ‘my time’ because he does like to be pet sometimes. Usually when I’m holding his favorite wand toy or about to feed him. That’s his time for love.

Pooh Bear, our big orange tabby, also doesn’t request love. He enjoys being pet, but never asks for it. He also loves being brushed. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me, he just loves me MORE when I make the effort.

So the real question is: What effort are you making to earn your cat’s love? Do you set aside time each day to play with them and pet them? Are the affectionate cats in your home the only ones who get your attention and love?

Let’s start with the ‘man in the mirror’. These gods and goddesses that we’re lucky enough to call family members deserve our love and attention. If you want more love from your kitties, start by showing them more Love. 🙂



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