Do you have many litter boxes in your multi-cat household? We do too.

Have you ever wished you had more bathrooms in your home? It sucks when you really have to ‘go’ and the bathroom is occupied. Or even worse, when you wake up in the middle of the night, bladder full, and your spouse hasn’t flushed the toilet.

Cats are no different than humans when it comes to their litter box habits. They want a place to do their business that feels comfortable and like their own private restroom. Many kitties don’t mind sharing, just like we don’t mind letting others use our restroom, but it’s kitty-preferred that they have a spot of their own.

The litter box is their safe and private space…

So how many litter boxes should I have?

Don’t freak out and go buy too many litter boxes. The rule of thumb is to always have one more litter box than you do cats. This helps to ensure that each kitty will have a clean and non-occupied place to do their business when the time comes. It will also help if you have cats that refuse to use a litter box that’s already been used.

Many cats will spray their litter box to claim it as their own. The idea of having this many litter boxes will offer each cat to ‘claim’ one box as their own, while allowing an extra box for a peaceful release if their claimed box is occupied.

One more thing in closing… don’t neglect cleaning the litter simply because you have more boxes than you do cats. This will likely just cause anxiety for your kitty. We recommend to scoop the litter boxes at least once daily and clean them completely every week or two. We have 2 people and 3 bathrooms in our home – but we still flush and keep them all clean. Provide your cat the same luxury.



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