It may seem like a simple feat, but you can avoid dangerous feline illnesses just by paying closer attention. Cats are stoic creatures and it’s not easy to tell if they’re in pain. We have to do our due diligence as cat parents to ensure our cats stay happy and healthy – and live the long lives they deserve.

We talk about prevention a lot. Longevity of life is maximized when we take a proactive approach to feline health. If we want to avoid illnesses in our cats we must make a habit of looking for clear signs.

Simple Step To Avoid Dangerous Feline Illnesses

Paying attention to your cat’s litter box habits can save your cat a lot of pain and save you a lot of money. It is a simple feat. Us cat parents are masters at scooping litter, but do you do this on a daily basis?

I despise scooping litter. It grosses me out most of the time because I have a weak stomach. I used to only scoop the litter boxes on Thursdays because it was the one day of the week that I worked from home. The boxes were in my office, so the smell would remind me, of course.

Because I was negligent with my litter scooping skills, I had no idea if our cats had health issues. What does a week’s worth of 4 cats feces and urine look like? A lot. That’s all I knew. And every week it was. I’m not proud of this, but it’s true.

Now that we scoop on a daily basis we can tell if one of our cats has a bloody stool, diarrhea or too small of urination. The moment we see something “off” we start guarding the litter boxes and watching our cats closely. Now we’re able to catch problems before things get dangerous.

Now I wonder if I could have saved a few of our cats’ lives by being a better litter-scooper back in the day. It’s hard to think about the mistakes we’ve made in the past and what we could have changed. Which is why now, everyday, we remind ourselves: Once we know better, we do better. And if we can help you know better before you make some of the same mistakes we have, then at least we (and all the little lives we love) are all moving forward together.



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