Why Cats Love Plastic

Cats Love Plastic for many reasons, but we should not let them play with this unsupervised.

Do your cats love plastic? Our black panther, Zorro, is obsessed with plastic grocery bags. Over the pandemic we were ordering our groceries and he would jump up on the counter and take them down, one by one, as they were unloaded. He likes to lick them and stick his head in the handle, then walk around like it’s his cape. He even tries to hide them in the pantry sometimes.

Cats love plastic for a variety of reasons and you’ll know by paying attention to your kitty which pleasure is theirs.

  • Many kitties love the smell and taste of plastic. Most all plastic bags, for example, are made with something called a slip agent which is made from animal tallow or rendered animal fat. This can be attracted to many of our cats. Sometimes our kitties are attracted to the smell left over from whatever was inside the plastic too. For instance, if you purchased a fresh roast at the market you’re cat will smell that delicious scent in the bag and want to lick it.
  • Plastic helps hold body heat. One of our kitties loves to get inside plastic bags and just lay down. When we’re running the air conditioning in the house, a plastic bag is a comfy spot for him to get warm. It’s insulating and smells yummy… what’s better than that?
  • The sound of plastic can intrigue cats. You’ll notice that many cat toys you purchase at the pet stores crinkle, and this is because cats like that sound. Some cat toys actually contain plastic inside just for that crinkle sound. The plastic in your home can seem like a fun toy to kitties.

Just as with children, however, we should only let our cats play with plastic under supervision. If your cat were to ingest plastic it can be dangerous. They are also subject to suffocation with some types of plastic. Consider keeping the plastic items in your home tucked away while your cat is unattended – just to be safe.

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