It’s all to common for us to bypass asking about side effects of cat medication when it’s prescribed. We often assume that there aren’t side effects because the medications have been prescribed by a veterinarian.

And we’re often wrong in that assumption.

Just do a search on YouTube and you’ll see frightening videos of kitties that have suffered side effects of cat medication that was prescribed to them. Viewer beware, however, as some videos are heartbreaking to watch.

These types of situations can often be avoided by simply asking your vet for a list of side effects before giving them to your kitty. It’s a simple and harmless question. If you deem the side effects too risky for your cat, there could be other options available.

In fact, in our experience we’ve had veterinarians recommend medications when we knew that they were unnecessary. One vet tried to give our Mr. Bittles an antibiotic for constipation. That didn’t make sense to us, so we politely declined.

In some cases you can try a more natural approach before resorting to chemical medications that could cause side effects. For instance, we successfully helped our cat with chronic respiratory illness without the need of medications. There are many alternative medications that can be used as a replacement for meds. Be sure to ask your vet for other options if you’re worried about the side effects.

Sometimes there’s no other option and your cat has to be on medications for an ailment or disease. In these cases be sure to help counter the side effects by using herbs and natural remedies.

Take control of your cat’s health. You are her/his only voice, and you know your cat best. Chemicals come with side effects, whether serious or not. Be your kitty’s advocate and ask the important questions.



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