Every cat deserves to get some fresh air from time to time. Depriving our kitties of the outdoors just doesn’t seem fair. Even though research shows that indoor cats live longer than outdoor ones, felines were designed to live in nature. Letting your cat outside helps to increase their energy levels and immunity health. Allowing your kitty to run free outside, however, isn’t always the safest route.

Let’s face it, opening the window doesn’t offer the same benefits as being outside. We would’t like to be cooped up in our house all the time without access to the outdoors. Neither do our feline friends. Letting your cat outside under supervision is what we recommend in order to keep your kitty safe while still offering the benefits of nature.

Tips For Letting Your Cat Outside

  1. Train your cat on a harness. This is easiest if you can train your kitty at a young age, but all cats are capable to be harness trained. Start by taking your cat out in your yard and let him explore. Once he’s comfortable with the harness and yard, start venturing out to other exciting places. Adventure cats are so much fun.
  2. Take your kitty outside in a pet stroller. This is helpful for cats that are sick, elderly or too anxious to be harness trained. While it would be more ideal to let them feel the earth under their paws, strolling them around in safe spaces will give them fresh, outdoor air and peak their senses.
  3. Build a catio. Catios are growing in popularity, as it’s a safe way to let your kitty outside without fear of becoming prey, getting hurt or running away. A catio is a “cat patio” that’s enclosed, but allows your cat the benefits of being outside. For busy cat parents, catios offer a way for us to let our cats out, unsupervised, while still staying safe and happy.

What other ways do you allow your cat outdoor access? Comment below and give us some more ideas!



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