There’s something cat parents should understand about flea treatments that no one is talking about. You see, the toxic chemicals in these traditional treatments weaken our kitties’ immune systems, which in turn make them more susceptible to fleas. Is this by design?

Fleas are parasites – and parasites are attracted to the weaker of hosts. What this means is that they are less likely to be attracted to your cat if she is healthy

You may notice that kittens or older cats seem to have a bigger problem with the fleas. This is because their immune systems are either underdeveloped or weakened due to age. While it’s still possible for a healthy cat to get bit by fleas, it’s much less likely.

We often hear cat parents say their cat doesn’t have a flea issue because they use these flea treatments as a preventative. When we lived in Tennessee (a high flea area), it was recommended we do the same. But it’s important to look at the possible side-effects of these chemical treatments. Not only are these treatments very taxing on our cat’s organs (as they filter these chemicals), long-term side effects are also a very scary and sad reality.

Since these little blood-sucking parasites live by consuming the blood of the weaker hosts, why are we regularly giving them chemical flea medications that compromise their overall health? These traditional flea treatments weaken a cat’s immune system, making them even more susceptible to getting fleas – as soon as the chemicals wear off and your cat is no longer toxic.

The Truth About Flea Treatments

The solution to this damaging cycle is natural flea protection for our cats. Natural flea products won’t leak toxins into their blood stream, cause short or long term side effects, or weaken their immune system. This means they won’t be left needed more and more chemicals to fight the parasites.

Feeding your cats a species appropriate diet, providing healthy supplementation and using natural flea control will help insure your kitty isn’t constantly battling with fleas.

Recommended Natural Flea Treatment For Cats (& Dogs!)


Flea-eX for Cats



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