With our busy schedules, it’s easy to overlook the seemingly mundane tasks, such as cleaning our cat’s water dish. After all, it’s just water, right? Wrong. Contrary to popular belief, leaving water sitting in your cat’s dish and simply topping it up when it gets low can cause serious health risks to your kitty.

Would you drink from your cat’s water dish?

We recently posted a cat tip, challenging cat parents to reconsider our habits when it comes to our cats’ hydration. The video emphasizes that despite cats having a lower thirst drive compared to other animals, neglecting to clean their water dish can lead to the rapid growth of dangerous bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli.

Shockingly, these harmful bacteria can begin proliferating in as little as 24 hours in stagnant water. And if that’s not alarming enough, the choice of material for your cat’s dish can exacerbate the problem. Plastic bowls, commonly used for their affordability and convenience, actually pose the highest risk as they can harbor bacteria that even regular washing may fail to eradicate.

So, what’s the solution? Today’s tip is simple yet crucial: wash your cat’s water bowl and refill it with fresh water every single day. By making this a part of your daily routine, you not only ensure your cat has access to clean, safe drinking water but also mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination.

Our cat tips also suggests ditching plastic bowls altogether and opting for non-porous alternatives such as stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. These materials are not only easier to clean but also less likely to harbor harmful bacteria, promoting better hygiene for your cat.

While it may seem like a small task in the grand scheme of cat care, cleaning your cat’s water dish is undeniably important for their health and well-being. By taking a proactive approach to hygiene and investing in suitable dishware, you can help safeguard your cat from potential health hazards lurking in their water bowl. So, the next time you reach for the water pitcher, don’t forget about your kitty’s hydration needs—they’re counting on you!



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