Being prepared for a healthy spay and neuter recovery is just as important as the procedure itself. Every cat is an individual and recovery times will vary by gender and overall health.

It’s also important to consider (when possible) the best age to spay or neuter your cat. Spays are a more invasive procedure than neuters – but both genders will require the same attention during recovery.

Preparing for Spay and Neuter Recovery:

  1. Arrange a safe space in your home for your cat to recover. A small spare room works best, but in a pinch even a small bathroom will work. Include all their needed resources – their favorite bed, litter, and area for food and another spot for water.
  2. Remove items that would encourage your cat to jump, climb or resume normal physical activities. This is especially important for females as a spay usually requires an incision made through their abdominal wall. These sutures will need to be carefully observed as she heals – and jumping or climbing can cause them to accidentally open. Not good.
  3. Make this safe space as enriching as possible. Puzzle feeders, automated toys or even cat games played on a tablet can be great for mental stimulation as their bodies heal. Also try to keep their regular routine as much as possible.
  4. Evaluate the surgery site daily – and do not allow excessive licking of the area. We encourage taking a photo of the incision each day to better compare any reaction that may happen. It also makes it easy to send a pic to your vet if you’re concerned about something. If your cat is obsessed with licking the surgery site, a cone of shame may be needed. Licking can pull out a suture or lead to infection – so it needs to be addressed quickly. (Use product below for faster healing time)

Generally, a female cat should remain in her safe recovery space for 7-14 days. Male cats require only about 3-5 days because the procedure is less invasive. The real secret to spay and neuter recovery is preparation and observation. This will best ensure your kitty is fully recovered and back to their healthy, playful self as soon as possible.


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