It’s time to set up your holiday decorations! In a home with cats, however, it’s important to know which decorations are safe and which ones can be dangerous.

Many popular Christmas decorations you find at every store should be excluded from your home with kitties. Here’s a list of the decor to avoid this year:

  1. Tinsel and small ribbon can be very dangerous to cats. Most cats love shiny, stringy items and will play with them as if they are prey. If ingested, however, these items can cause internal obstruction or even death. You may not see your kitty eating these decorations, but small pieces ingested can add up to a scary situation. One of our friends lost her cat to tinsel because he slowly ate away at pieces over the holiday season. 🙁
  2. Mistletoe, Holly & Poinsettia are highly toxic plants that you do not want around your cats. Because they are such popular holiday plants, most stores sell the artificial alternatives. Stick to those.
  3. Breakable ornaments can also be dangerous. Glass decorations, if shattered, can cause harm to both you and your kitties. If you are going to decorate with breakable items, be sure to put them out of reach of your felines. Our cats love playing with the ornaments on our tree, so we only use the unbreakable ornaments so they can enjoy playing with them safely.
  4. Christmas tree water should be inaccessible to your cats. The ‘food’ that you add to the water is highly toxic to kitties, so be sure to either cover it or decorate with an artificial tree instead.

I’m not trying to scare you, but it’s important that we’re aware of which holiday decorations can be dangerous to our cats. You and your kitty will enjoy the holiday season much more if everyone is safe!



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