With all the hoopla about CBD these days, cat parents are starting to wonder if it could be beneficial for our kitties too. But are there any cannabis companies out there that cater to kitties? Or any that even know how to administer CBD to cats?

Our opinion (and maybe yours) is that cat parents are often neglected in the pet health world. Most pet health companies cater to dogs – they will make a product with dogs in mind and say it “works for cats too”. But cats aren’t the same as dogs. And what about this new CBD thing? We want to know what’s safe for cats and – if you know anything about finicky kitties – how to administer it effectively.

When it comes to CBD, it’s really important that we know how to dose our cats with CBD – or we’ll end up wasting (lots of) money and time. And worse? Probably piss off our kitties.

A year and a half ago we started looking into CBD for kitties. We even wrote a blog on the matter with the hopes of finding more information to share with you. You can click here to read that now. The truth is – there’s a vast amount of conflicting info out there – and tons companies with ‘all the right stuff’ – so weeding (no pun intended) through all the hype was overwhelming. With no real confidence in real answers, we stopped moving forward…

Until now.

Recently, we met with verified CBD pet experts (more importantly, pet lovers!) and interviewed them about how CBD specifically works with cats! Just cats! And we learned a lot! Of course, one of the most important questions we asked was how the heck do we administer CBD to cats?

We had thought that CBD was just like most other supplements – you just add it to your cat’s food. Not so. The experts taught us that putting it in food isn’t as effective – and requires much more product to make the difference we want to see. So they told us two ways we can effectively administer CBD to our kitties.

  1. Put it directly on the gums. This is the fastest way to have the product absorbed into the blood stream immediately. It’s also the hardest way to administer CBD for most cat parents. If your cat doesn’t like you messing with her mouth, this can cause stress. So – If directly on the gums isn’t possible for your kitty…
  2. Rub it into their inner ear. Most all cats love their ears rubbed, so this is totally doable for us! This also allows for quick absorption into the blood stream and doesn’t waste product. Just take the recommended dosage, put it on your hand or in their ear and start rubbing! Using a Q-tip or cotton swab can also work – it will just depend on what your kitty likes best!

Stay tuned for more and more blogs sharing information we’ve learned on CBD for cats!



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