If you have multiple cats or kitties with health issues, maybe you’ve considered getting pet insurance for your cats. But is pet insurance worth the monthly fees? And what will those fees cover?

Before making a big financial decision like this, it’s important to research your options first. Here are some things to consider when shopping for pet insurance for your cats.

Pet Insurance For Cats

  1. Most pet insurance companies do not cover preexisting conditions. If you already have cats with health issues, be sure to contact the insurance company and ask if your cats will be covered before buying in.
  2. Some insurance companies exclude routine care from their coverage options. This seems silly to me, because routine visits help prevent emergency care – which always costs more. Nonetheless, be sure to inquire about this as well.
  3. Pet insurance companies often have a list of illnesses that they will help with – but only on their terms. This is called a fee schedule, and they will only reimburse you for what they think the treatment should cost. I would avoid pet insurance companies that have this type of coverage.
  4. Make sure to check the deductibles. If your average annual vet bills run around $2000 and the deductible is $2000 then you may want to look at other options so you’re not out of pocket even more money.
  5. Consider an emergency savings fund instead. If you’re willing to give a company, say, $35 per month for pet insurance, why not take that money and put it in a savings account (or pickle jar) instead? Over time this money adds up and can be a huge buffer if you are faced with an emergency vet bill.

An important part of being proactive cat parents is weighing our options to be sure that our kitties get the best care possible.



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