Persian and Himalayan cats are some of the most adorable felines we’ve ever seen. With their ‘smushy’ faces, you just can’t resist the cuteness. However, these breeds are also higher maintenance when it comes to kitty care. In addition to their coats, Persian and Himalayan cats eyes also require daily cleaning.

Caring For Persian & Himalayan Cat Eyes

Since Himalayan cats are of the Persian breed, it’s not necessary to name both, however, not all cat parents are aware of this – which is why we are including both ‘smushy-face’ breeds. 🙂

These gorgeous cats have flat faces, short noses and big, beautiful eyes. Because of their face structure, they’re prone to tear stains due to improper drainage. The bacteria in the tears causes under-eye tear damage in many of these kitties, so keeping them clean is important to avoid permanent stains or infection.

Cleaning Persian and/or Himalayan cat eyes is simple once built into your daily routine. We do not recommend applying any type of chemical substance to the eye area of these kitties. Using warm water with a clean cloth to wipe underneath the eyes regularly is usually enough to avoid future issues.

If staining or infection has already occurred, consult a holistic veterinarian about which supplements are safest for Persian or Himalayan cat eyes. As with all felines, it helps to feed a species appropriate fresh food diet to your smushy faced kitty. If yeast or bacteria builds up in the crevices of the face, the problem can escalate quickly, which is why regular cleaning is important.

Each different breed (or non-breed) of cat is unique and special in her own way. It’s our responsibility as cat parents to know their individual needs and tend to the health of our kitties appropriately.

How do you clean your Persian or Himalayan cat’s eyes? Please comment below and give us some more ideas!



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