Are you paying attention? Good. Because if you’re a health-conscious person, like me, who’s doing your best to eat well in 2017 – you need to know these 3 important things.

3 Things Every Health-Conscious Person Should Know in 2017

  1. Your cat is at a higher risk of food-related illnesses than you are. We have the luxury of eating a salad or fresh foods whenever we choose to focus on our health & stay in tip top condition. Your cat isn’t a health-conscious person – she has no menu options other than your shopping list. You’re the only one that can help her health and keep her from painful illnesses. Give her some fresh, raw foods every once in a while this year.
  2. Exercise is just as important for cats as it is for humans. If your cat doesn’t have at least 30 minutes of exercise per day she’s at a high risk of developing diabetes and other illnesses. Just like humans, exercise reduces stress in cats. Exercise reduces her chance of developing cancer as well. Play with your cat more in 2017.
  3. Every processed food is lacking the enzymes your cat needs for overall quality of life. Whether it be in a can or a bag, every processed pet food is void of digestive and metabolic enzymes. This means that the chances your cat develops pancreatitis, thyroid and kidney diseases, etc. is skyrocketing. At the very least, add supplemental digestive enzymes into their daily meals.

The message is pretty simple. Focusing on your health is important but don’t stop there. Make sure that your furry feline friend has a healthy and successful 2017 as well. In fact, why not ask your kitty to be your accountability partner so you can both work together for a healthier and happier year!


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