Most of you know that we do not recommend a kibble diet for cats. That being said, over 90% of cat parents are still feeding dry food to their kitties. If you do, we want to ensure you store kibble in the best and safest way for your cat.

Physically, kibble appears to last for well over 50 years. Just like a McDonald’s burger, food that is highly processed doesn’t seem to ‘go bad’. However, in reality, if you store kibble in a pantry at room temperature it will only last 2 weeks – tops. Best if it is consumed within 7 days.

Kibble diets are loaded with oils and fats that are sensitive to oxygen. Once a bag of dry food is opened it is exposed to oxygen and it won’t take long for those fats to spoil. Over time, feeding your cat rancid fats can lead to health problems.

How To Store Kibble Correctly

Simple answer is store kibble in the freezer once you’ve opened the bag. Not only will this help preserve the nutrients in the food, but cats love the crunchiness of frozen kibble.

If you’re a savvy shopper and buy your dry food in bulk you may be saying, “but I don’t have room to store kibble in my freezer”! If you buy large bags of cat food, try either condensing them into smaller, freezer safe bags/containers or start buying smaller bags.

Some people store their dry food in plastic containers in the pantry. DON’T DO THAT! Plastic is a cesspool of bacteria build up. Not only will the food be highly oxidized, but it can be very harmful to your cat.

If you store kibble in the freezer your cat will be less likely to get sick from it and more likely to consume important nutrients that they need. It’s as simple as that.



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