Let’s get one thing straight… the color dyes added to cat food are not to entice our cats. The Pet Food Industry reported that colorful pet food is “appealing for the pet owner” because we see the colors and make assumptions. For instance, red colored food makes us think meat and green colored food makes us think vegetables. This is why it’s beneficial for pet food companies to add coloring to their foods. It makes them more money.

But, is it healthy for our cats?

You see, many of these foods are masking the terrible ingredients within the bag. If the food looked as ugly as the ingredients are then you might not choose that food. For instance, the food we used as a prop in this cat tip video is made up of mainly corn, wheat and soy and is masked by rendered “animal digest”. Please understand that when the word “animal” shows up in the ingredients it could be any animal. A raccoon, a euthanized horse or sometimes even a dog or cat. To make it look better they say “complete and balanced” and make the kibble colorful.

Don’t be fooled by these marketing schemes.

While I realize that some companies have been able to find more “natural colorings” to use in the food, several cat foods still have toxic color dyes in them and we need to be aware of these when purchasing food for our kitties. Especially since science has proven that these food colorings cause disease.

Beware of ingredients like Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 40 or Blue 2 as they’re known to cause cancer, asthma, tumors, kidney issues, liver issues, allergies, skin problems, etc. There are many affordable options when it comes to picking a food for our cats. Let’s do our best to feed our kitties a food appropriate for their species that doesn’t contain disease-causing ingredients.



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