Okay I admit that my cats often eat better than me these days. They definitely eat more fresh food than I do. But this doesn’t mean I will lower the quality of food I feed them. Instead, I should take a look at my own diet and improve what I eat – so that I can be a better cat mom to them. πŸ™‚

If you follow our blog or our social media pages you know that we’re huge advocates for feeding cats a species appropriate, fresh food diet. Processed foods are killing our domesticated felines.

They are killing us too.

Time and money are our biggest excuses – and maybe yours too. To eat well we have to buy fresh foods (and actually et everything before it spoils!) take more time preparing healthier meals. It’s not as easy as just throwing something in the microwave or oven.

Yet, we always seems to find the time and money to prepare our cats’ fresh food – 3 times per day – so our excuse is just that – an excuse.

So – today I’m committing to do better for myself.

Have you ever gone on a healthy diet and exercise routine for a while? We usually do this sporadically throughout the year and the results are amazing. We aren’t as tired all the time, our joints feel better and our brain seems to work more sharply. Overall, we just feel better.

That’s how our cats feel too. Their bodies are better fueled with fresh, whole foods – and the results are beautifully clear to us.

The truth is, it feels super easy to take the best care of the things we truly love – and yet it can be so difficult to take better care of ourselves. Deep down, we know if we want to feel better, be a better cat parent (or person in general), we should take a hint from how we care for and feed our own cats. Maybe you should too. πŸ™‚


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