Cat food recalls are happening left and right. While any food is susceptible to a recall, the majority of recalls that happen due to sick cats are kibble.

But how could that be, you ask? Kibble is the most processed and cooked food on the planet, and cooking foods usually kills everything. The reason the majority of these foods are resulting in illness or death in cats is due to the poor quality of ingredients.

The ingredients that go into many commercial brand kibble food is tainted. Pet food companies are still allowed to put 4D meats and euthanized animals into their foods and those ingredients can harm your cats regardless of how much it’s cooked.

Pet Food Recalls

Especially when feeding a commercially prepared kibble, it’s important to keep track of cat food recalls. If you see a certain brand happens to have multiple recalls over their course of history, it’d be a good idea to not feed that brand. Many popular cat foods have a long history of contributing to illness and death in cats, and yet people still feed them. My hypothesis is that cat parents just don’t keep up with the pet food recalls – so they don’t know.

One of our favorite people on the planet, Susan Thixton, dedicates her life to help keep pet parents informed about the pet food industry. She attends public hearings and fights to make pet food companies more transparent to consumers. Her website [] is full of information on the ingredients in pet food, the recalls happening and what’s changing in the industry. Subscribe to her blog to get more information and stay informed.

The FDA also publishes recalls on their website, so check there weekly to make sure your cat’s food isn’t on the list. We must be informed cat parents. The health and safety of our cats is of utmost importance.



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